Preview: Rachel Drew by Chips and Gravy Images
Preview (below) Cherry Belle by Jodie Cherie Boudoir by Veronica Clark

Boudoir-Zine Magazine devoted to beautiful lingerie and all things boudoir. – Photographers – Models – Lingerie Companies – Welcome to submit.Submissions

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Cover: Bonnie O’Hara by Foto Retro Studio
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Boudoir-Zine 2 – Featuring

  • Bonnie O’Hara – Foto Retro Studios
  • Rachel Drew – Chips and Gravy Images
  • Margaret Lamour – Wesfonc
  • Desert China Doll – Busy Bee Photography of New Mexico
  • Cherry Belle – Jolie Cherie Boudoir by Veronica Clark
  • OhJacquie – Boudoir Model
  • Ooh La Lea – Chips and Gravy Images
  • Suzy C – Pyramid Clicks

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Preview: Margaret Lamour by Wesfonc

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